TIPS UNIVERSITY - Educating College Students

Education to assist in Alcohol-Related Situations

TIPS UNIVERSITY educates students about intervention skills to prevent alcohol related problems such as intoxication, drunk driving and underage drinking among their peers.

This program (2 hours) covers the essential knowledge and tools students need providing information, such as signs of intoxication, factors that affect absorption of alcohol, intervention strateges, state specific laws relating to alcohol and other important topics to your students. Skill training, that engages students with a series of realistic scenarios to help develop their abilities to assess behavior and intoxication levels. Thus, participants learn to determine appropriate responses to difficult situations.

TIPS challenges their ability to effectively intervene in difficult alcohol-related settings. Addressing Alcohol Use in All Aspects of Student Life.

Whether or not students choose to drink, they are likely to find themselves in situations where Alcohol is being consumed.

Resident Life - Athletics - Orientation - Student Activities - Off Campus Functions

Contact Terry 443-995-5367 or

To discuss information on Cost and Initiating this program on your Campus

February 2023 WASHINGTON COLLEGE, Chestertown, Maryland will initiate their program funded by Kent County Behavorial Health. Thank you Annette!


Training provided at YOUR Facility Convenient to your schedule

All Classes are OPEN to:

Bartenders, Managers, Package/Convenient Store Cashiers, Liquor Licensees, Hostess, Event Planners, Caterers,  Wedding Planners and Servers of Alcohol.

Four (4) Year Certification

Have some questions?

How do I reserve a Seat for training?

Just push the "Reserve" button next to the desired class you will be attending on the "Training Schedule" Page or text/call 443-995-5367

How do I PAY for the training?

Payment is Due Upon Arrival to class. 

Pay by either CASH or CHECK payable to: Terry Ober

How do I receive my Certification Card?

All exams are mailed out to be graded.  Approximately 7 business days to obtain Exam Results.  Once I receive your Certification Card I will  mail it to your HOME or BUSINESS address.  Certification is GOOD for Four (4) Years except for D.C. 

What I do I bring to class?

Other than a Check or Cash for Payment, you don't need to bring any additional items to class.

How Does My Venue Host a Training?

Choose a Date and Time that is most convenient for you and your staff.  All you Furnish are Tables and Chairs.

Phone: 443-995-5367   Email:

How Long is the Training Class?

TIPS is a Three (3) Hour Instruction which includes the Written Exam.