TIPS Instructor:  J. Terry Ober - Host: Training at YOUR Facility Convenient to your schedule
Fun, Interesting and yep Learning too!

INSTRUCTOR:   J. Terry Ober, Trainer #50865

* Certified TIPS Trainer (11 years) through the Maryland Comptroller's Office (since February 2009).

* Approved by Delaware Delaware Alcoholic Beverage Control Commissioner

 Instructing over 3,100 Bartenders, Managers, Cashiers, Hostess, Security, Licensee & Servers of Alcohol

*  Notifications to ALL Liquor Board Chairman and their commissioners of your 

*  Working/communicating directly with YOUR Liquor Inspector and Commissioners.

Traveling to YOUR place of Business to instruct your team

* Three (3) Hour instruction - any time day or evening

*  Available to you and your staff for questions or concerns related to the serving 

*  Demonstrating the affects of Alcohol with the use of "Fatal Vision" Goggles

*  Supported by local Distributors and Businesses  (see businesses served page)

On Premise - Restaurants, Lounges, Dock Bars, Event Centers & Hotel
*  Off Premise - Package Stores and Convenience Stores
Concessions - Stadium and Event Venues

Eastern Shore Counties: $ 45  includes workbook & 4 year certification
Anne Arundel County:    $ 49  includes workbook and 4 year certification
  HOST a Class  - arrange training which is convenient for you and your staff.  All you provide are tables and chairs.

Why TIPS training?  Protecting YOUR Liquor License!
*  TIPS training provides establishments with a reasonable effort defense if an alcohol related incident should occur.

*  TIPS training your establishment can earn you discounts on liquor liability insurance from over 70 insurance companies nationwide.

*  TIPS offers a unique record keeping database that can verify training for liquor boards, insurance companies or establishments.  Records are kept forever!

*  TIPS sessions capitalize on the skills, knowledge and experience of the session participants and trainers.  Emphasis on TEAM WORK!

*  TIPS training can be utilized in a community's efforts to address underage drinking, drinking and driving and alcohol misuse.

*  TIPS is the only program used in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and in 30 foreign countries.

For more information about TIPS (Training for Intervention ProcedureS) and for training you and your employees, CALL Terry - 443-995-5367. 

Since February 2009, Terry, an independent trainer, is serving local businesses and Corporations on Maryland's Eastern Shore and Anne Arundel County.  Terry has provided TIPS Training to over 3,100 Bartenders, Licensees, Managers and Servers of Alcohol as well as package store Cashiers and Owners.  Terry is waiting to serve you and your staff!  
Terry Ober - Independent TIPS Trainer
Crabtown Curb Quisine, Annapolis, Md.  

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